Dubai is Accepting Nominations for the Best Delivery Rider and Service Provider

Delivery Rider and Service Provider

Announcement Of the Delivery Service Excellence Award Nominations

The first-ever Delivery Service Excellence Award nominations opened on October 1. They will remain open through November 30, according to a joint announcement from Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Police General HQ.

The CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency, Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, expressed happiness at the introduction of this award and noted that the delivery industry had seen consistent growth in recent years due to the growing demand from both individual consumers and business entities.

Al Ali stated that the RTA and Dubai Police General HQ encourage businesses to submit applications for the Delivery Service Excellence Award, which motivates delivery services and drivers to actively contribute to improving road traffic safety throughout the emirate and the caliber of customer service.

Two Categories Make Up the Award.

The award is divided into two categories, according to Al Ali. The first is for businesses that use innovative platforms and applications to identify the top two delivery services. The other category is “distinguished drivers,” which annually recognizes the top 100 drivers.

RTA and Dubai Police are encouraging businesses to submit nominations for the company or its drivers to compete for the award. The award is anticipated to increase competition among delivery services, raise standards for customer satisfaction, and improve traffic safety. Delivery drivers are urged to adhere to the road rules and enhance their daily performance.

The Objective of The Award

According to Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police, delivery motorbike drivers are encouraged and motivated to adhere to recognized international health and safety standards and use the best techniques in their work through the use of such awards and campaigns.

The Delivery Service Excellence Award recognizes businesses and drivers who prioritize safety and incentivizes them to drive more safely to maintain a safe driving environment. It also aims to accomplish traffic safety goals and metrics following the highest standards in this field. Driver behavior and traffic infractions will decrease as a result of this compliance.

He continued by saying that the Dubai Police was keen to increase motorists’ commitment to traffic enforcement by educating them on the value of obeying the road rules. People who drive vehicles that don’t follow safety regulations, break traffic laws, and don’t know the rules of the road put themselves and other road users in danger.

Induction Workshop

To explain the significance of this award and encourage pertinent companies to participate, RTA and Dubai Police recently held an induction workshop at the Dubai Police Officers’ Club.

In addition to representatives from RTA and Dubai Police, many delivery drivers, representatives from delivery companies, and delivery companies that use smart platforms and apps attended the workshop.

The Main Factors for Choosing the Best Delivery Companies

Compliance with health, safety, environmental, and quality standards, adherence to RTA guidelines and best practices, dedication to using cutting-edge technologies and ongoing training, and raising customer satisfaction scores are the main factors for choosing the best delivery companies. One of the requirements for selecting the best drivers, along with a positive assessment of the worker’s performance, is a clean record of complaints, infractions, and accidents.

Announcing the Winners

Winners will be publicized in the media and on social media, serving as an example for businesses and drivers striving for performance excellence.

The Covid-19 Effect on Delivery Services

The Covid-19 pandemic increased the need for delivery services to supply the public’s increased demand for goods and products. Due to the circumstances, it was necessary to streamline the sector’s operations to guarantee the public receives top-notch delivery services.