The Spookiest Abandoned Places in And Around Dubai

Spookiest Abandoned Places in And Around Dubai


With its towering structures demonstrating that a man can do anything, Dubai has caused a global sensation. It is unquestionably among the most popular and fascinating tourist destinations on the planet. There are, however, very few things outside of a man’s control. We’re talking about supernatural events and things that don’t belong on Earth, which have happened even in the exciting city of Dubai.

These haunted locations in Dubai will certainly amuse you if such incidents and tales have continuously stirred the darkest recesses of your mind and you want to dare yourself to visit quite horrifying sights. If you’re looking for something unique to do on your next trip to Dubai, We highly recommend checking out one of the city’s many supposedly haunted locations. You may not want to hear this, but every nook and cranny of these locations reverberates with sounds.

Terrifying Haunted Locations in Dubai

Check out the terrifying locations below.

1. Al Jazirat Al Hamra: The Ghost Town

Three tribes once lived in this “ghost town,” as it is known to the locals. It later gained notoriety as one of Dubai’s most haunted and abandoned locations. The locals will have plenty of tales to tell and will likely warn you off going there alone, particularly before dawn. There are many deserted houses and an eerie quiet in the town. Still, if you’re looking for excitement, this town is only an hour away from Dubai.

Location: Ras Al-Khaimah

2. Al Qasimi Palace: The Haunted Palace


Can you think of a film in which an abandoned palace featured prominently, and there were rumours of strange happenings connected to the people who lived there? This palace is still on the same land even if you don’t. The palace was once home to a VIP member of Dubai’s royal family and cost a fortune to construct. But now it’s just a ghostly ruin that nobody wants to approach. Kids’ voices have supposedly been heard or seen occasionally peering out of the windows of this otherwise silent building. In Dubai, it ranks among the most haunted locations.

Location: Al Dhaith, a half-hour drive from Dubai

3. The Tunnel in Pan Emirates: Tunnel of The Dark


Tunnels have always been associated with darkness and unknown dangers. However, the dread multiplies when considering ghost tales. This tunnel is well-known for its eerie legends and is a popular destination for horror fans visiting Dubai. Some people claim to have experienced sightings, while others claim to have felt something. Do you have the courage to go through it?

Location: Pan Emirates

4. Al Khail Gate: The Scary Apartment

This apartment, located in what is widely considered one of Dubai’s most haunted areas, has become legendary due to reports of paranormal activity in a few of its rooms. Things belonging to some residents mysteriously vanished and were later discovered in other locations. The building’s owners have closed it for repairs, but no one can ignore the scary fact that three people have taken their own lives there. During your time in Dubai, inquire with the locals to learn more about the structure’s history.Location: Dubai